End of Semester

As the semester comes to an end, I realized how much I have learned in this class and what I will take with me after college. I never really understood the importance of sports marketing or how beneficial it really can be until taking this class.

Here are five things I have learned throughout this year, thanks to my professor.

  1. I didn’t realize how important social media platforms can be when it comes to marketing. There are billions of followers on social media and by posting/sharing/retweeting posts, thousands of people are able to see them and this can create awareness of the sport easily. Most social media platforms are free, so it makes for an inexpensive and effective way to use marketing. I also learned that it’s important to have fan engagement because fans can get tired of seeing the same posts constantly so by posting other things that they can participate in, can be very helpful by keeping them interested.
  2. I also didn’t realize that the 5 senses can be so important when it came to marketing. Smell, Taste, Sound, Touch and Sight all can affect the experience a consumer has with a brand and can lead to positive experiences wanting them to come back for more.
  3. Branding is a very vital aspect when it comes to Marketing. It’s important to have a brand that is distinctive and that catches people’s attention. When they see your brand they know what it is and can differentiate it between other competitors.
  4. Segmentation is something I wasn’t very aware of before taking this class. I didn’t realize how important it is to segment your audience to where you can target specific consumers.
  5. I also learned the importance of working in a group project, throughout my time at Wesleyan I haven’t had to work much in groups and this has really helped me with my communication skills and becoming more team oriented.



Golden State Warriors-Partnerships


The Golden State Warriors are an American professional basketball team located in Oakland, California. They have recently won an NBA title in 2015 defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers. They are a pretty well-known team as of last season they hold the NBA record for best regular season with a record of 73-9 and most combined wins in a season with 88 wins.

Anchor Brewing is known worldwide for top beers, like Anchor California Lager which is an easy drinking golden lager for the Golden State of California and has made the perfect brew for not only game time, but anytime. Anchor’s limited edition packaging reflects the Warriors Logo, a span of the iconic San Francisco (The Oakland Bay Bridge) in the colors of the team, blue and yellow. Around the iconic symbol is the name of the Golden State Warriors. This product gives the fans of Golden State a great experience at their games, providing them with historic beer.


Signalshare is also a great partnership with Golden State as it provides a high-density Wi-Fi solution throughout the 500,000 square ft Oracle Arena. This provides the fans in the audience engagement so they are able to participate in live events and also provides their sponsors a new digital platform. One of the most challenging things fans can come across when in a crowded room with thousands of people is being able to make calls, send texts and upload data from their cell phones, but SignalShares Live-Fi allows them to do so without interference.

JP Morgan Chase, United Airlines, Uber and Accenture are also very important partnerships for the Warriors, as all of them have been very beneficial in helping improve the overall fan experience.

In an article by Paul Kapustka, he talks about how a recent visit by Mobile Sports Report found that fan facing Wi-Fi network was more than adequate, with top speeds in locations close to a visible Wi-Fi AP and acceptable performance even in the upper deck seating areas. One downfall he mentions is that everywhere you look in the arena there are antennas and Aps, but at that same time fans don’t care what that looks like because there is connectivity which is benefiting them. Paul had actually gone to the arena himself and walked around testing to see how good this Wi-Fi really was and he found that everywhere he went, he was able to have access to his email and other connected apps without any problem.

By having partnerships with all these businesses, it really helps them get their name out there and also helps fans get the best overall experience. Although some of these partnerships affect most of the fans who are attending games, they also can reach out past that by the logos on all the businesses who are partnered with the Golden State Warriors.



Oregon Ducks

Oregon University is known all over the world for their athletics, having much success with their athletes. They have a variety of sports teams such as Women’s Beach Volleyball, Track and Field, Cross Country, Women’s Lacrosse, Women’s Tennis, Men’s Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Acrobatics and Tumbling, Women’s Golf, and Men’s Golf.


Oregon University is partnered with Nike and is known for always having the coolest uniforms and new equipment. Oregon athletics takes a different approach when drawing in recruits as they weren’t known for having the best record. This caused them to focus on other important factors that could draw in recruits other than tradition. They focused more on branding. They didn’t have a long football history to tell recruits about so they had to catch peoples attention by using shiny/flashy objects that would stick out. This promotional strategy made Oregon known by using over the top things, but helped Oregon University establish their name.

Oregon is able to keep fans and recruits interested by having loud and new facilities and unique flashy uniforms. They have a $15 million indoor practice facility for the football team and a two-story locker room including ventilated lockers. OU is one of the top followed brands in all college sports when it comes to social media. They provide fans with more information through social media and aim to lessen the focus of their tweets to selling tickets. Oregon’s Senior Associate Athletic Director/Marketing and Public Relations talked about how fans tend to get annoyed when they see College Athletic accounts constantly tweeting about ticket sales, causing them to lose fans and followers. The Oregon Ducks are on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Oregon’s social media accounts attract more fans and recruits by consistently interacting with them.

What I think is interesting about Oregon University Athletics is that they are not only partnered with the billion-dollar company, Nike, but they let recruits who decide to come in and play for Oregon, design the colors, look, and products for Nike.

Check out the links below for more information about Oregon Athletics- you won’t regret it.






Social Media Platforms- WJU

Social Media has become an important role in marketing as thousands of users regularly use these platforms every day as an easier way to communicate and connect with people. A sports team who is consistently active on their social media platforms is a great way to market, as it is an effective way to provide your fans with updates, pictures, statistics and other important information that fans would like to know more about.


Wheeling Jesuit University’s Official Sports Facebook Page has 1049 likes. Within their Facebook page is pictures and articles about previous games/meets such as their final scores and statistics. All the pictures on this platform are of different athletes participating in the different sports that WJU has to offer, this is a great way to get more followers as people love to see familiar faces succeeding in their sports. There are also videos located on this page of students and coaches being interviewed after their season or game.

One thing I think WJU could improve when it comes to getting more likes and followers on Facebook would be to post regularly on upcoming games because it helps people become more aware of when and where the team’s games are. They do a great job adding the results of the game, but lack information on upcoming games.

WJU also has an actively updated Instagram, posting multiple pictures a day of the scores and players of the week. They also post pictures on the day of games with what team they will be playing against and the time and location. They have 1130 followers on twitter. Located on their about me section of the profile, they have the link to their main website which can be very helpful to fans who come across their Instagram account and want to know more about their sports teams.

WJU’s twitter page seems to be the most popular, having 2341 followers, double of what their other social media platforms have. On this platform, they give updates on the games as they are going on as well as the final scores and rankings of each team. They also regularly post links so you are able to follow along with them and listen to the sport currently playing live. This will bring in fans because a lot of people are unaware about being able to watch the games online and accessing it at home. Like their Instagram, they also have the link in their bio to the official WJU website for an easier access to fans.

Overall, I believe Wheeling Jesuit does a great job with their social media platforms as they are consistently updating and informing their fans/followers about upcoming games and events taking place. I would suggest to be more active on their Facebook page, as a lot of users are on Facebook.







The 5 Senses That Can Affect A Consumers Experience

In Evan Browns blog post, Paving The Way to Improve Brand Experiences: Sense & Sensibility, smell, sound, sight, taste and touch are the five senses that can affect the experience a customer has with a brand.


Surprisingly next to sight, smell is the most important sense we have, Lindstrom states that 75% of the emotions we generate are affected by smell. According to the Sense of Smell Institute, in New York, a human being can remember up to 10,000 different odors that can elicit different memories; sometimes transporting us all the way back to our childhood. The smell can attract consumers back to their brand by creating a connection with their smell to a joyful memory.


In a research by Suvi Saarikallio, music is found to increase physiological arousal, affect our moods, self-regulate our emotions, and even to affect us physically by alleviating or escalating our heart rates. As consumers, when we hear a song or chant we know when we step into a sporting event, we find ourselves singing and cheering along with it. It has such a huge affect when attending sporting events because it gets fans pumped up and wanting to attend more. According to Lindstrom, “Brands with music that ‘fit’ their brand identity are 96% likelier to prompt memory recall.”


Sight is the most seductive and potent branding tool. According to Geoff Cook, 83% of the information people retain is received visually. Consumers are hesitant when buying a product unless they visually see it for themselves. The emotions and feelings that big brands wish to create are achieved through design composition, color moods, styles, typography, film, and photography, all intertwined.


According to Lindstrom, more than 18 percent of the Fortune 1,000 companies have the potential to leverage the prowess of taste into their brands but have yet to delve in to this option. Our taste buds are so potent that they can affect how we perceive brands, which is why marketers used taste marketing techniques since time immemorial to entice customers into their brick and mortar stores.


This sense is one of the hardest for marketers to master especially when it comes to online sales. Consumers want to touch and try on the product before buying it. Whereas this could affect online sports pages as they are unable to actually feel the product they are buying.

All five senses are very important when it comes to consumers having a positive experience when buying a product. One way the West Virginia Wesleyan Football team could provide sensory branding would be to use sound by having a certain song playing when they first come out onto the field or even a specific chant during the middle of the game, this could cause consumers to associate this particular sound/chant to the WVWC football team.



Marketing with Millennials-Mike Grahl


Business around basketball has substantially changed over time. Mike Grahl, Vice President of Digital Platforms for the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, gives us some input on how to market with millennials and how it’s a big segment to their marketing efforts. Mike mentions that they focus on ticket sales and sponsorship sales mostly, with some merchandise components. In the video, he talks about how important it is to focus more on looking to control the variables you can change rather than the variables you cannot change. When it comes to sports, you cannot control who wins or who loses and because of this you have to make marketing focus on giving the fans an unforgettable experience that is way more than just the score of a basketball game. The Milwaukee Bucks use Video Production, Dance Teams, Dunk Teams, Hoop Troops and many other creative ways to make sure their fans are not only enjoying basketball, but also the atmosphere. When it comes to sports, the audience ranges from different kinds of fans, whether it be the casual ones or the go-hard fans, it is important to make sure to engage all of them.

Mike stresses the importance of personality when it comes to marketing and the players/organization in general. It is a necessity to be authentic because it’s better to show who you are by your personality than trying to be something that you aren’t. The Milwaukee Bucks have shown their players’ personalities by having them engage with the fans through social media. It’s all about focusing and communicating with the fans. When it comes to social media, they speak differently depending on the social media platform they are using, whether it be Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

When thinking of ways a DII school such as West Virginia Wesleyan could improve their marketing, Mike makes some good points throughout his video that I believe could improve marketing at such a small school. He mentions that the Milwaukee Bucks do contests/sweepstakes to build virtual relationships with fans and it gives them experiences with the players to show their true personality. Although a DII school can’t be compared to such a high organization like the Milwaukee Bucks, I think by incorporating these  ideas into their games, would not only bring more people, but create a better atmosphere that allows the audience to engage. This could include three point contests, giveaways, pictures with players or even getting to spend time with their favorite player on the team.

Another way a DII school could improve their marketing efforts could be to focus more on social media and be on time and accurate with their messaging and posting. For example, the Milwaukee Bucks make sure they post the leaders of the game on the boards because fans are interested in seeing the statistics and scores. We’ve developed into such a mobile generation that keeping up with our media platforms and providing great content, makes it fun for the fans and brings more people to games.

If you would like to check out what Mike Grahl has to say for yourself, I’ve posted the link below.

Marketing with Millennials









Sport Fans- Advertising

There are sports fans all over the world and not every person has the same interest as others when it comes to their favorite sport, team or player and I think that’s what makes sports so interesting and fun to watch. Because of the sport diversity, for sport organizations to meet their intended audience, they break down their advertisements by using marketing segmentation to better target groups of people who have similar wants, needs and demographic profiles. There are two primary types of segmentation:

State of mind segmentation focuses on a persons values and lifestyles using VALS typology: innovators, thinkers, achievers, experiencers, believers,strivers, makers and survivors.

State of being segmentation focuses on income, age, family status, number of children, profession, education, gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity.

As you can see from the different NBA sports teams, everyone has their own favorite basketball team and games they want to attend; these could all be because of location, price or even seating. The Golden State Warriors are a very popular NBA team as they have won the championship in 2015 and made it to the championship game last year. Steph Curry, one of their top players who was awarded the most valuable player last year is seen all over the place, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Television. This year they have also added another very popular basketball player to their team, Kevin Durant who has brought thousands of fans to attend more Golden State games as some of his biggest fans have followed him throughout his journey.


As I mentioned above, Kevin Durant has brought many fans to Golden State as he previously played at OKC. While he lost fans through this change, he brought more fans towards the Golden State Warriors. In the Ad above they are using two of the most successful players in the present time of basketball to capture fans attention. This ad draws consumers in because the two players were once teammates and now competitors and as you can see are both very intense players. When it comes to State-Of-Mind I think it focuses on Innovators as they are most receptive to new ideas and experiences.

In this video below is the Golden State Warriors 2016-17 Opening Video which features all the players getting pumped up playing basketball.

Opening Video-Warriors- 2016/17

In this video, it brings excitement to the viewer as it shows past clips of games as the crowd and players are full of excitement and going wild. Because the Golden State Warriors is such a new and fresh team, the target audience ranges from young children to older adults. I don’t think they have a specific target audience because they have had fans for years, but since they have been excelling over the last couple years, they have gained many more. When you have as good as a team as the Warriors do, it’s easy to attract younger people who have just started watching basketball and because they seem to attract to the successful teams at a young age. Because this team has many successful basketball players and is considered a “stacked” team, they target more high income families as their ticket prices have increased greatly over the years.

I believe both of these ads effectively communicate to the audience as their target audience is so far ranged. Although I have used the Golden State Warriors as showing segmentation, there are many different ways sport organizations tend to segment their audience through ads.



Sport Commercials: The Perfect Running Shoe

The perfect shoe is such an important role when it comes to how successful you are at running. Thousands of successful runners today struggle when finding their perfect pair of running shoes. A commercial that came to my mind when thinking about running is the New Balance Minimus commercial. In this commercial they are advertising shoes for runners. Anton Krupicka, an American ultra-runner who has won the Leadville 100 twice, the Miwok 100K, the Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler, the White River 50 Miler twice, the High Mountain 50k and the Estes Park Marathon is featured in the commercial running in the new New Balance shoe.



When it comes to Marketing, consumers can gain an interest by using the learning theory for sports which includes Behavioral, Cognitive and Affective Involvement. Behavioral Involvement focuses on someone who is hands on and is actually physically doing the activity which in this case would be the person who is running or has recently purchased the running shoes. In Cognitive Involvement it’s the process of information and knowledge that you know or learn about the sport, such as having the right shoe to run in and the knowing the correct running form. Affective Involvement includes the person’s attitudes, feelings and emotions while either watching or playing the sport. For example, for a runner it would be the motivation to become healthy and faster.

In this commercial, the most obvious individual factor is the motivation it brings. Because Krupicka has had such great success with his running, it motivates people to want to be just as successful as him. He is a very impressive runner who is known throughout the running world and because he is featured in it, people assume “Oh if he is such an amazing runner and runs in these shoes, these are the shoes that I need to become a better runner.”

While this commercial includes all three involvements, it mostly focuses on Cognitive Involvement as it is important for runners to know what shoe they are buying. Throughout the video, he is talking about the benefits and attributes from buying the shoe such as the protection the shoe provides and the weight of the shoe. Consumers are more likely to buy this shoe because of the information mentioned, all runners are aware that the lighter the shoe, the faster you will run because it’s less weight you are running with. The commercial doesn’t limit the product to a certain type of runner, it shows that this product is made for all terrain which is also a very important thing consumers look for before buying the perfect running shoe; no one wants a shoe that they can only wear on the track.


Controversy Over Jerry Rice Commercial

Jerry Rice, a former 49ers player and NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver causes controversy over his current commercial, “Popeyes Wingovations with Jerry Rice.” In this commercial Jerry is featured eating chicken wings while wearing a “taste mask” which includes different selections of dipping sauce and wings on the helmet “360 degrees of pure wing rotation for handsfree.” Thousands of viewers are arguing over this commercial stating that it’s a racial stereotype associating it with “black people like fried chicken.” Although Jerry Rice has been in more than one Popeyes commercial, this is the one that caught people’s attention as they believe it was wrong of Jerry to participate in the commercial.



Some of the many inappropriate comments on the video are as followed:

“Jerry just set black people back 437 years, Thanks Jerry. We’re Slaves Again.”

“All black people should never eat Popeyes again.”

“Somebody go slap this man Jerry Rice.”

While these are not even the worst of the comments, they are very unnecessary. Social Media has been blown up over this topic and I eventually believe it will pass over time just like many other commercials that have brought up controversy in the past. I personally don’t think it is right of people to target Jerry Rice over this commercial as he has been the spokesperson for Popeyes commercials and this one was only meant to be humorous to all. I don’t think there would have been a big deal over this commercial if it would have been a white football player, but in order to get the best marketing you have to use someone who is considered to be the best and someone that people admire and this is exactly what Popeyes did by using Jerry Rice.

When watching this video, I honestly was not sure at first what was so problematic about the video, it didn’t even occur to me that this commercial would be considered a racial stereotype. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with a man loving fried chicken or marketing about a man who loves fried chicken, no matter what race you are. Rice is one of the best football players in the world and I do believe he had no intentions of offending anyone when making this commercial. The whole purpose of a commercial in the first place is to advertise and promote the product and in this commercial that’s exactly what Jerry Rice was going for. They are using Jerry Rice as a celebrity testimonial in order to target consumers who are typically sports fans, what goes better than football and wings?




A Step Into the Writer’s Life




My name is Breanna Mazzella and I’m creating this blog for my Sports Marketing class to provide the importance of marketing in the life of sports. I am taking this class to learn more about Marketing because it is an important role in the field of business. Throughout this class, I will be learning an overview on the principles and practices of marketing and the promotional concepts in the sport and recreation industry. Sports Marketing is not just limited to professional sports, it can also include college athletics, minor leagues, and other alternative sports. I will be posting many different blogs throughout the next couple of months and I hope to help others learn more about Sports Marketing with me through my posts.

I’m currently a senior at West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, West Virginia. I am getting my undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in business. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my degree in Psychology until after I took my first business class and that’s when I decided I wanted to go into the business field. I love working with people and learning about what motivates them to do the things they do as well as the role Human Resources play in any organization. My plans after I graduate from West Virginia Wesleyan are to go to Graduate School and get a dual Masters degree in Industrial Relations and Human Resources. I hope to eventually get a job at a large corporation where I will specialize in Human Resource Management.

I’m a huge sports fan, I’ve played different sports throughout my athletic career which have consisted of Basketball, Track, and Cross Country. I am currently on the Women’s Cross Country team as well as on the Women’s Track & Field team here at Wesleyan and will definitely continue my running career after I graduate. My events have changed over the last couple of years from long distance events such as the 10k and 5k to the 1500 meter and 800 meter run. In the summer I love to compete in triathlons, which consist of running, swimming, and biking. This is something that helps me stay motivated and in shape during the off season of track and cross country. I not only enjoy playing sports, but I also enjoy watching them.

I want to thank you for visiting my first Sports Marketing blog post. I’m very active on social media sites and I’d love for you to follow me & start your journey learning about Sports Marketing with me. Please feel free to leave any additional comments/ feedback on any of my posts as well as share with others.


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